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Container sales and rentals (of any kind and size)

Ati Trans specializes in sales and rentals of containers, whether used or new. We provide services across Greece, with prompt delivery in big quantities.

Container maintainance (of any kind)

Ati Trans restores timeworn and frayed containers to operational condition, saving time and money for the owner.

Container Modifications

The skilled technical personnel of Ati Trans can assume the construction and modification of Containers into several architectural spaces, including but not limited to information desks, bars, commercial and office spaces. Containers are available in all desired dimensions, from 2 to 12 meters. Containers can also serve as a practical solution for storage spaces. See for example the specifications of standard containers:

Standard Containers Available
6 meter (20dv) 6 meter refrigerated (20reefer) 6 meter open top (20ot)
12 meter (40dv) 12 meter refrigerated (20reefer) 12 meter open top (20ot)
12 meter (40 high cube)
Standard Container Specifications
Type 20′ DV 40′ DV
Volume (m³) 33.1 67.6
Load (kg)
Max. Laden Weight 30480 30480
Container Weight 2220 3740
Max. Load Weight 28260 26740
Outside Measurement (m)
Length 6.058 12.192
Width 2.438 2.438
Height 2.591 2.591
Inside Measurement (m)
Length 5.898 12.032
Width 2.35 2.35
Height 2.39 2.39

You can also visit our container storage facilities for any detailed information that you may need before you select a container appropriate for your requirements.