Chorafa Perama, Keratsini–Peiraias, Greece
+30 210 4319340
+30 210 4328712
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Storage Facilities
Tsoka 21, 19600, Mandra, Attica, Greece
+30 210 5548716
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Company Profile

Operating since 1989, Ati Trans specializes in large freight forwarding (container transportation) across Greece, as well as physical door-to-door transportation services. The core of our operations are the in house Logistic Services, which include electronic stock management systems and distribution tracking on a daily basis. Our infrastructure and aptly trained personnel guarantee the proper transportation of your cargo to its final destination. We always aim to achieve the highest client satisfaction concerning our provided services.


maps_01Our Depot is located near the Piraeus Port Container Terminal and has direct access to the Athinon-Korinthou National Road.

Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities in Mandra, are located near Exit 1 of Attiki Odos motorway, providing direct access to both Attiki Odos and the Athinon-Korinthou National Road.

Our Clients

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