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Storage Facilities
Tsoka 21, 19600, Mandra, Attica, Greece
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Storage & Distribution

Our storage facilies are located in Mandra, in the prefecture of Attica, Greece. We provide integrated storage and stock management services (Warehouse Logistics Services). Our waregouse complex accomodates the specialized requirements of handling third-party goods (3PL), under a total covered surface of 15,000 m².

Our Logistics services include specialized software by ACT, which offers each client on-line management, stock scheduling and managerial reports, during the complete in – out – distribution chain towards the final destination. Order picking is executed according to clients’ preference of FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last IN First Out) or other, more specific methods.

Ati Trans, offers planning, implementation and quality control of the most effective and efficient flow and storage of goods, services and relevant reports starting from the moment of request towards the delivery to the end consumer.


Ati Trans carriers deliveries across Greece according to the clients’ requirements. Transports are executed 24/7 with our private fleet, ensuring prompt delivery even to the most inaccessible locations. Our first order of business is the prompt and secure transportation of goods in the most efficient and effective manner.

Packaging & Repackaging

Our principal storage facilies in Mandra support for services such as repackaging, shrink packing and sorting, including promotional implementations such as labelling and heat-shrinking of goods, saving time and money for our clients.

Cross Docking

Our warehouses support Cross Docking, and can operate as a point of co-ordination and temporary storage, for immediate distribution in Greece or abroad.

Customs warehousing

Ati Trans provides open-air or enclosed customs warehouses for goods regardless of kind, size or value, allowing for effective and efficient access during the process of import and sales of goods.